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We have recently compared the Legipid as a rapid Legionella test across a variety of facilities against a number of other rapid technologies with great success. The test has proven to be a consistently reliable technique in assessing the levels of contamination within each system and provides facility managers with a useful tool in their day to day control of Legionella. We expect Legipid to become a standard test offered across the industry”


Ian Mein. Latis Scientific

6 Bridgewater Square,



“A client recently needed us to get an accurate assessment of a water system and could not afford to wait for a culture test. With no PCR machines in our area, we contacted Veras and they arranged for one of their laboratories to undertake Legipid tests. We were able to give our customer the answer they needed and it certainly impressed both them and us! The sample was also sent to our regular laboratory for culture testing and the negative results were confirmed 10 days later.

I’ll definitely use Legipid again when the need arises.”


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John Yates B.Sc. (Hons) DIP Poll Con, M.I.W Soc,
Technical Consultant
Alchem Industries Ltd



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