Frequently Asked Questions

How does Legipid work?
The Legipid assay uses immuno-magnetic separation to capture and remove Legionella cells from the sample. These cells are then colour marked so the volume can be assessed with the naked eye.

Does it really only take an hour?
Yes! The test will produce a result in one hour. Multiple tests can be performed simultaneously using some optional equipment. Some sample preparation (filtration) is required which normally takes a few minutes.

Do I need to invest in specialist hardware?
No. Everything is supplied with the reagents for the single test. The optional equipment (shown opposite) for multiple/batch testing costs approximately £2,500 (+VAT). Fully automated equipment for monitoring cooling towers is currently in development.

How much does it cost?
The test reagents start at £35.00*each for 10 unit test pack. Discounts are available for larger volumes, packs available in 10/40/100/500. (*current prices available on request).

Is there a shelf life?
Yes, the reagents must be stored at <4OC for a maximum of three months.

Does a trained laboratory technician need to run the test?
No.  With some practice anyone can run the test, it is simple to operate and we provide training to new customers. An experienced Lab technician would understand the protocol and need little guidance to confidently run the test.

We do not have a laboratory, can we run the test on-site?
Yes, providing you have a clean, warm room which is well lit. You will need to keep the reagents refrigerated and will need about 2 metres of worktop space.  A sink would be ideal, if not a suitable container for the waste liquids.

Is the test UKAS accredited?
The test itself does not need UKAS accreditation. The international validation by the AOAC means the test is an approved method for the detection of Legionella. UKAS accreditation is required to ensure the sampling and test protocol are being operated correctly/consistently to prevent human error. UKAS accreditation of your operating process is fairly routine and does not require a huge investment.

What if I get a positive result and want to know the species?
The pellet produced within the process can be used for PCR testing to determine the species. Or part of the original water sample can be culture tested.

I’d like to run some tests straight away, how soon can I receive the product?
Delivery is normally within 2 working days direct from the manufacturer to maximise shelf life. No stocks are held in the UK. If you haven’t used the test before, we would recommend you undertake training prior to implementing the test on real samples.

My regular laboratory doesn’t offer Legipid testing, can you do it for me?
Veras does not offer a testing service. We are happy to introduce your existing laboratory to the Legipid test or recommend other laboratories who are able to offer you the test.