The Legipid fast Legionella test has been validated by the AOAC with
the following specification:
Inclusivity Legionella sp.
Sensitivity 95.3%
Specificity 88.4%
False Negative 4.7%
False Positive 11.6%
Efficiency 92.4%
LOD50 93 cfu/volume examined  (Qualitative analysis)
LOD 40 cfu/volume examined (Quantitative analysis)
LOQ 60 cfu/volume examined (Quantitative analysis)
Sample Vol 9ml (Concentrated sample)


  • The test detects the presence of Legionella in water. It will not identify the species.
  • The standard test is semi-quantitative using visual colour reference.
  • Quantification is possible with a colorimeter/algorithmic conversion
  • The test will not detect cultured cells (Lenticels)

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